Reservoir Dogs (1992) Bluray Rip 720p 650MB and 1080p 1.5GB

After a simple jewelery heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant.


They were six strangers, assembled to pull off the perfect crime: Mr. White, a professional criminal; Mr. Orange, a young newcomer; Mr. Blonde, a trigger-happy killer; Mr. Pink, a paranoid neurotic; Mr. Brown; and Mr. Blue. Hired by mob boss Joe Cabot and given fake names so no one could identify the others, they thought there was no way their heist could have failed. But after a police ambush, killing Mr. Brown and seriously injuring Mr. Orange, the criminals return to their rendezvous point (a warehouse), and realize that one of them had to have been a police informant. But who?


Genre --> Crime | Thriller
IMDb Rating | Metascore | Rotten Tomatoes --> 8.4 (Top 250 #71) | 78 | 96
Resolution --> 720p | 1080p
MPAA Ratings --> R
Runtime --> 1 Hr 39 mins


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